Do Guys Get Cellulite

Here’s a question that you don’t hear very often…Do guys get cellulite? YES, guys get cellulite! However, it is significantly lower than the amount of women who get cellulite. The reason why it is so rare in guys can be summed up in two words: THICKER SKIN. A woman’s skin is softer and more delicate which makes it more prone to the sponginess of cellulite. The male body has naturally thicker and rougher skin. Cellulite appears in the body parts that tend to not be as hard; such as abdomen and buttocks.
The amount of men who are having cosmetic procedures and buying beauty products has been on the rise for years. The stigma is lessening and this new niche market is breaking down barriers. What started out as a little pudginess on your man has led to his rather unattractive dimpled skin. Say “hello” to cellulite. But more importantly, cellulite on guys leads to the question, how do we say “goodbye” to cellulite?

Many people have come to depend on anti-cellulite creams. A topical formula can reduce the appearance of cellulite and make the skin look more firm (apply to skin morning and night). Trucella is a popular cellulite cream that contains safe and effective ingredients. A creamy formula like Trucella can help address the area and it visibly targets cellulite. Read more about Trucella by visiting Why shouldn’t men care about their physical appearance? If there is a way to make a cosmetic improvement, why not do it? Wanting to look beautiful is not strictly for females!

So to recap, do guys get cellulite? Yes, unfortunately. But it doesn’t have to be all bad news. Look into a cellulite cream like Trucella as a possible solution for you. It is a convenient option and a tested technique to fix the shadow-effect and rippled look that is caused by cellulite. It can make a great gift for your man. has a lot of information regarding cellulite and how Trucella may help the appearance of that unwanted cottage cheese effect. Softer-feeling skin is mutually beneficial for your better half and for you, too! Seems like a win-win.

Even if the people in your inner circle may not be directly asking about cellulite options, it is actually wondered by many people. Yes even guys are curious. Gentlemen, this means that other guys just like you are looking for a cellulite answer! Be one of the proactive types that starts to use a daily product at the first sight of cellulite. Order Trucella!