Scar Creams and Gels

Who hasn’t got at least one scar somewhere on their body? Due to a childhood injury or a work-related accident, or maybe a recent surgical procedure. Most of us have “war wounds” or some story to tell about our scars. But often times, we just wish the scar wasn’t there. Particularly, if the scar is on your face. A great way to help your scar is to use topical gels learn more at and to see reviews on products including Acuscar. There are several options when using a formula intended to reduce the appearance of scar(s). Reducing the look of scars is possible with Acuscar a silicone scar gel. If you are comparing gels and creams, a silicone-based product is a top choice. Silicone is the latest advancement to help reduce the appearance of scars. The major difference between gels and creams is the ingredients. A gel will be virtually invisible once applied and then it dries on its own. Whereas, a cream may not fully disappear could take longer than a gel to start working if it stays on the skins surface.

Scar creams and Acuscar are widely used on hypertrophic scars, surgery scars, acne scars, and keloid scars. Applying one of these formulas seems to be more popular than silicone sheets. This is largely because the silicone sheets can be difficult for scars in the tricky, hard-to-reach areas or on jointed areas that require movement. They often do not stay on. A gel is convenient and easy. Simply rub it onto the skin in the same manner as if you were applying lotion or a moisturizer. Once the gel is fully absorbed there is no worry about it coming off. They are used on all areas of the body and most are safe for all ages. And several brands are available online. You may want to begin your search on the internet at or ask your doctor about the right solution for your scar. Scar creams and gels can be used on their own to reduce the appearance a scar or combined with other remedies such as surgical scar removal. Never apply a scar gel to an open wound that is not fully healed. Do not use on an area that is still stitched or stapled.

Improving the look of your scar may be possible with a scar gel or cream. They can make the scar appear more evenly and more flattened due to the discoloration and bumps caused by scarring.