Who Gets Stretch Marks

No one ever says, “Oh I can’t wait until I get stretch marks”! And, that is because they are considered by most to be hideous and unattractive. Who gets stretch marks? Stretch marks can happen to just about anyone. There is a common misconception that stretch marks only occur during pregnancy or on people who are obese. There is more to stretch marks than most people know.
The average body experiences adolescent growth spurts (a.k.a. puberty) from ages 12-18 typically. During this time teens and pre-teens can get stretch marks. This rapid expansion can leave the skin with streaks and channels of purple and red.

Another drastic physical transformation happens when muscle mass is significantly increased. For instance, if you are doing intense physical training, weightlifting, body building, etc. Who knew that working out can have a negative effect to our appearance? Don’t be alarmed. The benefits of rigorous exercise far outweigh the down side of stretch marks. It really is a small price to pay for having an outstanding physique!

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Regardless of who gets stretch marks, you now know the secret to fighting stretch marks! A stretch mark cream like Marksil can help enhance your skin’s texture and hydrate it as well. Don’t be embarrassed by the discoloration any more. Improve the tone and clarity of your skin by saying “good bye” to rough and dry, and shout “hello” to soft and smooth with Marksil! You can visit http://marksil.net/does-marksil-work/ for more information on the Marksil product and the benefits it may help with the appearance of your skin. Most of us get excited when we find a beauty product that works for us. And, remember most of us have or will have stretch marks. Our friends, family, colleagues, and neighbors likely are looking for this cosmetic improvement, too! So spread the news.